SQL Server 2017 for Linux

As most of you already know, next version of SQL Server (currently SQL Server 2017) will have the ability to install the database engine on Linux systems.

But wait! you cannot install the engine in any distro, as for the latest available version (Release candidate 2) the supported systems are: Red Hat Enterprise 7.3, SUSE Enterprise V12 SP2 and Ubuntu 16.04 ( you can see the full list in the link below).

As we can see in the release notes, not all the features on the windows counterpart are available on the Linux one, so always plan ahead the pros/cons of this type of install (apart from the obvious pricing one), right now, the main difference is that you can only install the database engine component.

My advice to you: learning is always important, and even when i consider that the Linux version will not have a hard short-term impact on the market, you could be needed to install/administer one someday, so, learn the basics of Unix OS, security, disk management, etc... and most important: know the limitations of the product so you will be prepared (besides it will look nice in your résumé).

For the latest version and supported features/systems, please visit:


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