Tutorial: Create a database in Azure

This basic tutorial shows the way to create an Azure SQL Server database as PaaS (Platform as a Service), with the default options and how to connect to it from your Management Studio.

First, open your Azure dashboard

Select SQL Databases> Create SQL Databases

The following Box appears:
Database Name: the name you want for you Database
Subscription: the account on where the DB usage will be billed
Resource group: the container of the database (if you have several projects can have distinct resource groups for each one)
Select source: a blank database or a backup for an existing db


Server: acts as the “instance” you will connect, you can select an existing one or create a new

SQL elastic pool: for testing purposes I have not activated it.
In pricing information you select the size and resources assigned to your database based on the capacity you want for it. For this example I selected the lowest option.
For more information about the DTU, visit this link.

Then click on Create

Wait a couple of minutes until your database is created

Now your database is created and online

To access it from Management Studio, simply use the server name full name and enter the credentials

If this is the first time you access the server, a new firewall rule will be asked to be created.

You can access now your SQL Server instance and database from management studio and perform any activity you want.


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