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PowerShell script repository - SQL Server

A simple get-help output PowerShell is a .Net based command line tool designed for automation. It is recommended to script repetitive task in PowerShell  (.ps1 files) as they can save you a lot of time if otherwise you perform the tasks manually. A lot of common tasks templates are offered by Microsoft Technet Script center, as you can see in this link:   Technet Powershell Repository for SQL Server

Reporting services error: User XXXX does not have required permissions

If you encounter the following error trying to access reporting services: User XXXX does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed. Possible cause is that you give the user permissions in the wrong place (under site settings) but it does not have access to browse the folders. Solution for this is very simple and is related on how the permissions are given in reporting services, so you must check for this: 1. Access the reporting services page with an account that already has access (if the issue is with your own account, access from the machine where the report server is installed using localhost instead machine name) 2. Select the folder you want to give access (usually the Home folder) and then click on Folder Settings 3. In the security Tab, Click on New Role Assignment add the user or group and select the desired access for it. 4. Try to browse