Announcing new Guatemala SQL Server user group

I am very happy to announce that after a long time struggling and filling all the requirements, we were able to create the SQL Server local user group for Guatemala.

The purpose of creating this group was to empower the local database administrators and developers by creating a community where all of us can benefit from the knowledge or personal experiences from any particular topic, this will become us better professionals and why not? have better jobs and salaries in the future.

We want to focus our community as a roundtable so any of the members (old and new) could be an assistant or speaker so we will encourage the participation of all the members.

What are the contact details?

You can access the main site at and we encourage to register now!
The meetings and related content will be published in there.

Also follow us on social Media for news and database related content.

Twitter: @gtssug

Who is leading this group?

This group was initiated by great professionals I have the privilege to met (and me!).
these are Carlos Robles, Christian Araujo, Carlos Lopez, and myself. You can learn more about us here.

Please note that we only are the coordinators, in fact, anybody can participate as a volunteer or speaker!

Where will be the meetings?

We want to thank Atos Guatemala for providing us a place to have our meetings, you can learn more about this awesome company here

Atos is located in a convenient place at Distrito moda in Ciudad Cayala, so there are no excuses for not assist to any meeting of your interest!

Paseo Cayalá Oficina 401,
Edificio H Distrito Moda,
Zona 16, Guatemala

And remember, please register here to receive the latest news and related material.
We want you to be part of this rising community!


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