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SQL Saturday 828 - T-SQL Basics: Coding for performance

A great experience! Thanks to all the atendess to my session about T-SQL, for being my first time as a speaker for a SQL Saturday it was good! As I promised, the presentation and session material is available at the following links: SQLSaturday #828 site: (Please evaluate my session if you attend) My personal GitHub: Some pictures from the event: SQL Server local users group board!

Quick tip: Speeding up deletes from SSIS execution log

If you have SQL Server Integration Services installed on your server, and you left the default configurations a table named sysssislog  is created on MSDB database, it contains logging entries for packages executed on that instance. If you are not careful enough, this table can grow uncontrollably over time and can make subsequent insertions very slow. A proper deletion process must be put in place, so you not get into situations like this one in your msdb database: If you are already on this situation, you can the following T-SQL Script to delete records by batches: DECLARE @ date_del datetime, @ batch_size int = 1000 , -- will delete on batches of 1000 records @ RowsAffected int =1 -- Time to keep in the history, in our case 1 month SET @ date_del = DATEADD(mm, -1 ,getdate()); SET NOCOUNT ON ; WHILE ( @ RowsAffected >0 ) BEGIN DELETE TOP( @ batch_size) FROM [dbo].[sysssislog] WHERE starttime < @ date_del; SET @ RowsAffected = @@ ROWC

I am speaking at SQLSaturday Guatemala 2019

I’m very thrilled to announce that I will be participating as speaker in this year’s SQL Saturday #828 event in Guatemala city! This will be my first time as a speaker on a SQLSaturday. Event will take place on February 16 at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), zona 10, Guatemala Here are the details of the session I will be presenting ( at 3:15 PM CST in Dev Room ) T-SQL Basics: Coding for performance It is very common in the IT field for a developer to switch to database developer or administrator, even when the programming concepts are the same, the skillset required to code T-SQL is different. In this session, we will learn some basic tips to improve our code and improve database performance from early application planning stages to already deployed applications. We will also see some demos about: Compatibility level and deprecated features Filtering basics: SARGABLE arguments Covering indexes Indexed views Implicit conver