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Creating logins and users in Azure Database

Azure Database is the PaaS solution for SQL Server databases, on a previous post we have discussed how to create one. On this post, I want to show you how you can secure your Azure SQL Database by creating users and segregating their permissions. When you connect to your Azure Database using SSMS (or another tool), you can see the management options are very limited compared to an On-Premises instance. If you want to create a login and database user, you must create them via T-SQL, on this post I will show you how to do it. Types of logins Azure SQL database support two types of logins: SQL Server login and Azure Active directory login. In order to create Azure AD logins, you must set up an AD administrator first using the Azure portal, you configure it on the server dashboard, then accessing the Active Directory Admin, as follows: Once you set up your AD Admin, you can connect to the Azure database using this account and you can then assign proper access to o