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Embed Azure Data Studio Notebooks in your website

Notebooks are a functionality available in Azure Data Studio, that allows you to create and share documents that may contain text, code, images, and query results. These documents are helpful to be able to share database insights and create runbooks that you can share easily. Are you new to notebooks? don't know what are the uses for it? want to know how to create your first notebook? then you can get started in ADS notebooks checking my article for here . Once you have created your first notebooks and share them among your team, maybe you want to share it on your website or blog for public access. even when you can share the file for download, you can also embed it on the HTML code. On this post, I will show you how to do it. What do you need? We will use an online HTML converter, nbviewer , provided by Jypiter website, on that homepage, you just have to provide the link of your .ipynb file (my GitHub Notebook repository for this example). It looks