New Youtube Channel

Last year I noticed I was blogging way less than I should, in part because of new projects: work, personal stuff, local community activities, university projects... you name it.

As for 2020's goals, I want to be more active on my blog and try new stuff as well. One of the new things I am doing is starting to record videos (my first experience doing this, even when I have presented a couple of webinars, this is a whole new skill to learn).

According to some studies (don't ask me the accuracy of those), young people prefer videos over text, so I am giving it a try!

What am I using?

For now, my setup is very simple (and cheap):

  • Blue Yeti microphone - Best mic to create videos or do webcasts (check reviews), connect and start using it.
  • Logitech webcam C615 - not sure if I want to record myself!👽
  • Logitech G231 headset - Cheap but excellent sound and response, very comfortable also.
  • Camtasia Studio - To screen record and video editing, I think everybody uses it anyway.
  • My Dell laptop - That works just fine for what I need, no super fancy or powerful Mac required at this point.
  • Samsung Monitor - To be able to record screen and see my notes
  • Microsoft  Wireless desktop 3050 - Keyboard and Mouse, nothing special here, just cheap and do their job. One cool thing is it has keys at the top where you can program custom actions or key combinations (I have key combinations and custom apps mapped to them)
  • Logitech Spotlight- Not needed, but useful if you want to stand up and want to change slides. I feel more comfortable recording while standing up, it feels more natural for me, maybe when I have more experience I can sit down.

A picture of my setup:

Need a better desk! hahaha

What is my plan?

For now, learn how to create & edit videos, Camtasia has some tutorials to get started where you can learn the basics on how the product works.
They offer some free courses as well, to learn how to create quality content.

After that, creating short videos with particular topics related to data platform and cloud, and see how people respond to them. Maybe create a series of tutorials in the future.

I plan to do the videos in Spanish for now since it is my mother language, and I want to reach our local user group. Will consider to add English subs or mix English/Spanish.

Ok, but once you have your videos created, you have to share them somewhere, I have chosen Youtube because of its simplicity and popularity, also you can upload to the platform directly from Camtasia.

My youtube channel

I choose to create a new channel with my name, I had a previous one I created some years ago, but the name was not so professional (if you know what I mean! 😂)

I plan to do one series of short videos (around 1 minute) called "SQL en un minute" (SQL in a minute), and another set for longer videos dedicated to tutorials or product reviews.

You can visit it here (you are encouraged to subscribe! 🤓)

And this is my first video, let me know what you think!


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