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Install Python on Windows

Python is the most famous development language today. This is because is open-source, scalable and robust. It can run in almost any device with a processor (or microprocessor, we will see that in coming posts) and is very simple to use and learn, even if you don't have any programming backgroud or experience. Start using it is very simple and you can learn the basics in the official site .   Installing Python For windows systems, you can download the latest version here . Once downloaded, open the executable file as administrator. Then, for the uses we will give on the articles on this site, please install it this way: Make sure you have selected the add Pyton to PATH option - This will allow us to run the Python engine from multiple sources (As is intended for use on multiple applications) .   Make sure you install Python for all users - This will allow usto run the script commands .   Select PIP feature - This is used to install adittional libraries and functionalities, one of