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Introduction to IaC: Deploying Data infrastructure to Azure using Terraform (Part 4 - Using Github)

  In Part 1 , we explain the basics and prerrequisites to work with Terraform. In Part 2 , we created our first Azure resource. In Part 3 , we deployed our fist solution (Azure SQL database) using multiple resources. On this post, we will integrate Terraform to use the Version Control System Git, implemented using GitHub . Version control is outside the scope of this post, but if you want to learn more about it, you can check these excellent resources: Introduction to version control with Git Introduction to GitHub Automate your workflow with GitHub Actions   Manage the lifecycle of your projects on GitHub   OK, once you have a good idea of what VCS and Github are about, we can integrate it into our Terraform solution and use it as a external repository for our IaC. For simplicity, we will use the same folder and code from the previous post : cd C: \T erraform \T erraform_AZ_example code . Make sure the .gitignore file is in place, since we will source it and is a good practice to in