About Me

Hi, my name is Eduardo Pivaral and I am from Guatemala city. I am a Microsoft data platform consultant and Data Engineer with experience on large environments for clients across the world.
I have worked on IT for more than 15 years in different areas. 
Most of that time I have been working with Microsoft Data Platform products as a consultant and data engineer.
I also own a small boutique guitar pedal business Huum Pedals where I design and assemble the electronic portion of the products.

Regular technical writer for different sources and developer/reviewer of Open Source tools for data engineer and administration.

Currently learning about Cloud, Data engineering, Databricks, Kafka, DataOps (because yes... you'll never stop learning!)

Contact information

Also, you can write me at: epivaral@studyyourdata.com

Certifications & Awards

These are all the certifications and awards I have achieved so far:




Writing and speaking

Here I will keep track of all the publications and conferences:




(In no particular order)

  • Cold winter
  • Playing PS4 (Darksouls and Bloodborne series, Metal Gear Solid and shooters)
  • Drawing cars and landscape
  • Embedded systems
  • Eventual session musician (Guitar and Drums) 


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